• Installer Tiki sur un PC Windows

    Quelqu'un devrait installer tiki sur Windows en français et vérifier si les mots clefs sont bien traduits. Par exemple, le nom des boutons à  cliquer, le noms des champs à  remplir, les items de menu de tiki, etc... Installer tiki sur u...

  • Pré-requis pour installer Tiki

    Pré-requis pour installer tiki Eléments requis et configuration de tiki ! Configuration minimale pour installer tiki Cette page indique les configurations minimales pour utiliser tiki sur un serveur distant. Si vous utilisez une sol...

  • Directory Img-Tiki Files

    Directory Img-tiki Files Image Files Located in the img/tiki Directory This page is obsolete Directory Img-tiki Files All of the icons shown in the following image are located in the img/tiki directory. These files can be displ...

  • Tiki Shadow Layers How To in Documentation temporarily in PDF

    tiki Shadow Layers How To PDF document describing basics of tiki's shadow layers feature. 1277322591 tiki Shadow Layers How To.pdf

  • Tiki Promo Sheet in Images for the Documentation pages

    tiki Promo Sheet Done by CGCOM in May 2009 for tiki 1242355707 tiki-Promo_en.pdf

  • tiki-install MultiTiki in Images for the Documentation pages

    tiki-install Multitiki Snapshot during tiki-install.php showing recognized Multitiki instances 1241571040 tiki-install_multitiki.gif

  • tiki-install MultiTikiConnection in Images for the Documentation pages

    tiki-install MultitikiConnection The Connection Page for Multitiki during the tiki-setup.php setup. 1241571271 tiki-install_MultitikiConnection.gif

  • Tiki WCG Documentation.png in colorbox

    tiki WCG Documentation.png tiki logo for doc 1277213179 tiki_WCG_Documentation.png

  • Tiki WCG Dev.png in colorbox

    tiki WCG Dev.png tiki logo for dev 1277213181 tiki_WCG_Dev.png

  • Mobile Tiki User

    Mobile tiki User How to use Mobile tiki ! Mobile tiki User This is a stub. And needs review This is how a user will see a Mobiletiki enabled site through the computer web browser: :::: This same page, in the mobile version, will l...

  • Tiki Integrator

    tiki Integrator Allows easy integration of external content into the tiki framework 1133724363

  • Installation Tiki 6 sur un serveur Web distant

    Installation tiki 6 sur un serveur Web distant Captures d'écran de l'Installation de tiki 6 sur un serveur d'hébergement distant 1289158914

  • Installation Tiki 5.1 en local sur Windows

    Installation tiki 5.1 en local sur Windows Capture d'écran de l'Installation de tiki 5.1 en local avec XAMPP sur Windows 1288916809

  • Tiki FAQs

    faq tiki FAQs 1295144212 !General What is tiki Wiki CMS Groupware? tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (tiki®) is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Free/Libre Open Source Software (GNU/L...

  • Tiki Manager app for ClearOS

    tiki Manager app for ClearOS 1578329866 The information below is no longer updated. It may still be valid, or not. Anything relevant should be moved to the appropriate site. For anything related to ClearOS, please search among the fol...

  • Installer Tiki avec XAMPP sur un ordi Windows

    Installer tiki avec XAMPP sur un ordi Windows 1288954029 ! Installer tiki avec XAMPP sur un ordi Windows Que ce soit pour essayer tikiwiki pour la première fois, ou pour tester une nouvelle version, il peut être pratique d’installer ...

  • Extending Tiki

    Extending tiki 1537114461 ! tiki, from a software engineering standpoint, is a monolithic application. We have strong opinions on the advantages of this approach to avoid development fragmentation and to ease refactoring. Please see: h...

  • Packages that extend Tiki

    Packages that extend tiki 1565111206 ! Packages that extend tiki This feature is available from tiki 20. Packages that extend tiki (also known as tiki Extension Packages) are used if you are writing your own custom code that you want t...

  • Tiki-Kaltura Integration

    tiki-Kaltura Integration 1341857486 Note: The goal is to cleanup this page: https://doc.tiki.org/kaltura The new version is seen below and a copy of the same is being placed on the tv.tiki.org side What is Kaltura? Kaltura Co...

  • Tiki mit EasyPHP installieren

    installation windows tiki mit EasyPHP installieren 1307563128 Die Übersetzung der Seite ist unvollständig. Lokale tiki Installation mit EasyPHP Dies ist ein Unterabschnitt von Windows Desktopinstallation. tiki baut hauptsächli...

  • How to install Tiki Manager on ClearOS

    How to install tiki Manager on ClearOS 1552279988 The information below is no longer updated. It may still be valid, or not. Anything relevant should be moved to the appropriate site. For anything related to ClearOS, please search amo...

  • Comment acquérir Tiki

    Comment acquérir tiki 1283876856 ! Comment acquérir tiki ? Après avoir pris connaissance des avantages de tiki pour vous et des autres applications Web sur le marché, vous désirez vous lancer dans la grande aventure tiki ? Alors plusie...

  • URLs that Tiki connects to

    URLs that tiki connects to 1467347928 ! URLs that tiki connects to Context: You are installing a tiki in a secure environment and by default, tiki can't connect to the web. Below is a list of URLs to white-list and why. tiki.org ...

  • Mettre Tiki à jour

    upgrade 3x installation 2x 4x Mettre tiki à jour 1278575828 La traduction de cette page n'est pas terminée. Mettre votre site tiki à jour La mise à jour de tiki est facile, car elle est très semblable à l' installation. Mettre à...

  • Traduciendo la interfaz de Tiki

    i18n translation language Traduciendo la interfaz de tiki 1399656989 Esta no es la documentación sobre el uso de tiki, pero la documentación para los administradores del sitio tiki sobre la personalización de la interfaz. Tal vez la pa...

  • Les nouveautés dans Tiki 5

    Les nouveautés dans tiki 5 1278636235 ATT : La traduction de cette page n'est pas terminée. Les nouveautés dans tiki 5 tiki5 termine un cycle de développements qui ont commencé au milieu de l'année 2009. cette version introduit ...

  • Move Tiki to a new server

    The procedure explained here would not precisely work this way. Also, I would highly advise to shut down the old tiki into Maintenance Mode first, so that no "last minute changes" would get lost when the DB gets transferred. After you t...

  • Remote Tiki Autologin

    Remote tiki Autologin 1428622483 !Remote tiki Autologin This is a feature introduced in tiki15 which allows for users from another tiki to login to this tiki using their credentials there. This provides a quick way to create a sub-s...

  • Tiki Flavored Markdown

    tiki Flavored Markdown 1667580215 ! New in tiki25 is an option to use tiki Flavored Markdown, which is essentially GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) with additional syntax, which itself is essentially CommonMark with additional syntax, ...

  • Install Tiki on XAMPP

    Install tiki on XAMPP 1262710583 !Install tiki on XAMPP This can apply to a windows install or other hence it is a section of Windows Desktop Install. tikiWiki relies on three major external applications to run. PHP (scripting lang...

  • Tiki mit XAMPP installieren

    tiki mit XAMPP installieren 1307520892 !tiki mit XAMPP installieren This Anleitung kann für Windowsinstallationen oder andere massgeblich sein, weswegen es im Abschnitt Windowsinstallation auf einem Desktop steht. tiki baut hauptsäch...

  • Tiki Manager Web UI

    tiki Manager Web UI 1596214207 tiki Manager Web Administration implements many of the features of tiki Manager, the console (command line) part and is designed to be easy and simple to use. While tiki Manager is mature and well teste...

  • Tiki Connect

    tiki Connect 1319043160 !tiki Connect tab OverviewUse this tab to "connect" with the tiki Community! To AccessFrom the Connect page, click the tiki Connect tab. Noteif applicable No Tabs8.x7.x tiki Connect tab ...

  • Tiki Community

    tiki Community tikiwiki is not only a software, it's also a community This page and pages like this should not be on doc, because it is not about documenting tiki, the application. Please see where to move it. tiki Community From h...

  • Installer Tiki sur un PC Linux

    Installer tiki sur un PC Linux ! Installation de tiki sous Linux Etape initiale : Téléchargement, Décompression, Création des répertoires. Cette première étape suppose que vous ëtes en train d'installer sur un système Linux équ...

  • USB Tiki

    USB tiki 1302100128 ! USB tiki This needs some testing and your feedback! Goal: to have a running tiki usable on a USB key, from an existing tiki instance. This is useful for a portable backup of a live site. Beyond having a bac...

  • Migrate a Tiki to a new server with SSH

    Migrate a tiki to a new server with SSH 1325037466 This should merge with Move tiki using SSH Migrate a tiki to a new server with SSH These instruction are more tips/reminders for developers than step by step instructions fo...

  • About the Tiki Documentation

    About the tiki Documentation How this documentation is written This page should merge with Author Resources About the tiki Documentation Since the tiki project started in 2002 there have been over 200 different developers workin...

  • Tiki Installation Guide

    installation tiki Installation Guide 1297092148 2012-09: A new Server Check script has been developed that will make everything easier! Just upload a single PHP file to your server and you will get advice on your server configurati...

  • Tiki Manager Package

    tiki Manager Package 1650047712 ! Starting in tiki25, tiki Manager can be added as a Package to any tiki instance. It has many uses, including Automatic updates. This replaces the standalone tiki Manager Web UI with something more ro...

  • Tiki Installationsanleitung

    installation tiki Installationsanleitung 1307250970 Installationshandbuch Diese tiki Installationsanleitung beeinhaltet Informationen um tiki in einer Vielzahl von Umgebungen zu installieren. Du musst kein Webentwickler oder Progra...

  • Installer Tiki

    Installer tiki Comment installer tiki Présentement, cette page est en reconstruction. Nous vous invitons à visiter la page ' Installer tiki avec XAMPP sur un ordi Windows ' qui vous donnera une très bonne idée de la façon d'inst...

  • Tiki multiples sur un seul serveur

    tiki multiples sur un seul serveur tiki multiples sur un seul serveur Il est possible d'avoir de multiples tikis sur un seul serveur. Il y a 3 conditions majeures à  respecter pour cela: tiki doit avoir un accès à  une base de...

  • Tiki in Ten minutes

    introduction tiki in Ten minutes 1196773877 !tiki in Ten Minutes (roughly) This recipe is intended for (beginner) web developers who want to use command line client like PuTTY for a tikiwiki installation in a standard web hosting envi...

  • auth_ldap_permit_tiki_users in Prefreport output - Tiki 19

    auth_ldap_permit_tiki_users 1 1 39 Use tiki authentication for users created in tiki n If this option is set, users that are created using tiki are not authenticated via LDAP. This can be useful to let external users (ex.: partners o...

  • Tiki Reference Guide

    tiki Reference Guide 1297104353 tiki Reference Guide This tiki Reference Guide includes information on each tiki administration page and tab. Links from the tiki help system direct to these pages. In this guide, you'll learn h...

  • How to configure Tiki for Elasticsearch Service

    How to configure tiki for Elasticsearch Service 1568721898 !! For your tiki site search configuration, you'll need some info from the Deployment's main screen, so click on Elasticsearch Copy Endpoint URL link as in the following im...

  • ldap_create_user_tiki in Prefreport output - Tiki 19

    ldap_create_user_tiki X 8 5 24 Create user if not registered in tiki y If a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the tiki user database, tiki will create an entry in its user database. login/3 list Create the user,Deny...

  • shib_create_user_tiki in Prefreport output - Tiki 19

    shib_create_user_tiki X 8 5 24 Create user if not registered in tiki n If a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the tiki user database, tiki will create an entry in its user database. login/6 flag false ...

  • pam_create_user_tiki in Prefreport output - Tiki 19

    pam_create_user_tiki X 8 5 24 Create user if not registered in tiki n If a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the tiki user database, tiki will create an entry in its user database. login/5 flag pam_cr...


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